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Hello and welcome to All about Kink! If you’re anything like most kinky people out there then you’ve probably spent no small amount of time on popular kink sites across the internet. That most likely has you wondering what makes this one different. Well, it’s very easy, actually. As opposed to the other sites scattered across the web, this is a destination for men and women who want to explore and understand kink though actual experiences.

That means a lot of different things, but it basically comes down to this: All about Kink is a site where you get to experiment and where you get to share your findings. There will be plenty of information and help along the way, so you’re not just going it alone. It’s a community of likeminded people that want to explore and push their own limits when it comes to their kinks and fetishes. It will all make sense once you start interacting with the other kink enthusiasts on the site, so this is really just a scholarly exercise. We strive to be a very open and welcoming community and all members are held to those standards. That’s going to allow you to ask questions and be open about your experiences and that’s rarely something you can come across anywhere else.

Compendium of Kink

So, let’s start at the most useful aspect of All about Kink that new users are going to find the most helpful. We plan to use part of the site as a vast collection of kinky knowledge and fetish facts. This is going to take a long time to grow into the vision, but it will always be here for you to utilize however you need. We also encourage users to add any of their own knowledge to the compendium. It doesn’t matter what that knowledge happens to be. It could be a few definitions that you’ve collected on your journey or a full rundown on rope tying techniques, or a firsthand review of your favorite nipple clamps. As long as it’s knowledge, we want to hear about it.

The ultimate goal will be to have a working database that users can search to find vast amounts of information on any subject they want. If you, for instance, want to learn what the hell Shibari is, then you can enter the term privately and in your own time. What you get back, hopefully, will be an array of information and firsthand knowledge on the subject. This will include definitions, techniques, examples, pros and cons to its practice, history, and everything else that has to do with it!

Sex Toy Reviews

Then we come to what might be the most exciting aspect of the site. What we really want to do is invite all users, be they men, women, or other, to share their sex toy reviews with the community. This can be as simple as writing about whether a certain toy is any fun to use or not. It can also be as involved as sharing an in-depth review video where you explain what the sex toy is, the best ways to get it, and a full-on exhibition of how to use the toy by yourself, or with your partner.

It’s always going to be up to you when it comes to how much or how little of yourself you share! Just know that we’re not planning on censoring your creativity when it comes sharing your thoughts and opinions. As long as it’s legal, you’ll be able to see it and share it right here! We’re all adults and each one of use will be trusted to keep it dirty but respectful and above board when it comes to what we post. That makes a lot of sense to us and hopefully it makes the same amount of sense to you, as well!

Play with Each Other all you want!

Now we have to talk about what’s appropriate when we all interact with each other. Pretty much, anything goes here! You just have to understand that this attitude only extends to consensual acts between adults that are done for fun and not profit! That’s a hard line that everyone will be expected to respect while they’re on this platform. If there ever comes a time when sex is sold as a service here, it’s going to come from the site and no one else. That’s the only way to keep everything legal and palatable to everyone else.

Now, if you happen to meet someone here, you’re both of legal age, and you want to get freaky on the site, then go for it! No one is going to stop you at all! In fact, you can look for other people to join in with you, if you want; it’s all up to you! Just keep in mind that it’s for fun and nothing else. Anyone found to be selling sex on the platform will automatically be banned and that’s just the way it is. That’s the only way to keep this site sexually free and fun for everyone that uses it!

Get to Know Kink Enthusiasts around the World

Finally, and most importantly, we want you to have fun while you’re on the site and we want you to interact with the other members all around you. This is an opportunity to find kinky people all across the world that want to talk to you and explore with you. You’re not going to find that anywhere else. This site isn’t about closing yourself off and being a misanthrope toward people that try to talk to you. It’s all about openness and expressing your sexual self in the best ways possible. One of the very few rules here is that you can’t be an asshole.

It doesn’t matter how you view yourself or how hard you want other people to think you happen to be. If you harass other users, insult them, or just act like an ass then you’re going to get kicked off. Don’t even try it. It takes a lot to be open about your sexual desires and this is where we want people to do it. You can post anything you want and never run the risk of someone coming along to make you feel bad about it. If they try, just let us know and they’ll be gone!

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