initial stimulation before starting the cock milking experience.

What is cock milking

In this day and age, both men and women are more in tune with their sexuality and are not afraid to explore and to go after what they like as well as what works for them. And one of the subjects that have raised the interest of many men all over the world is cock milking.

But what exactly is cock milking? The phenomenon of multiple orgasms for females is widely known, and every man tries to give his woman multiple orgasms. That is like the epitome of sexual satisfaction for the female. Men too want to enjoy sex to the maximum. It is not just enough for them to have sex and then ejaculate. That is why men have also tried to find ways which can help them get the equivalent of the multiple orgasms in the female. And the answer is dick milking.

This milking involves extraction of the maximum amount of cum from a man after an extended amount of stimulation from a partner. This leads to an ejaculation that drives a man wild and gives him a great deal more satisfaction than the regular ejaculation and cum do. This phenomenon is referred to as milking because its aim is to make sure that all the cum within the penis is sucked out and this is what gives a powerful ejaculation and makes it a great experience for the man.

There are several dick milking techniques that people can use when they are penis milking because people are different and what works for one will not necessarily work for someone else. People have different preferences, and matters of sexuality and sexual satisfaction are highly subjective and variable, and as a result, there cannot be a one size fits all approach to cock milking. Some men for example are known to be on all fours while others position themselves on a higher pedestal for better results.

This phenomenon is often confused with a handjob, and although they appear the same, they are not really the same. It should however be noted that a handjob only involves the hand. Penis milking on the other hand is not only tied to the hand or hands. Ladies are known to use a wide variety of methods to suck out this cum. Penis milking is highly dependent on what the man in question likes. For instance, one man may prefer fucking the boobs of his woman for it, someone else may want a handjob, another one a blowjob while others involve a combination of all these methods.

Spitting on his cock while administering a handjob to start the cock milking experience.

For best results, it is important for the man to be well aroused and for him to have a very erect penis. After that, the aim of the partner is to try and keep the penis erect while at the same time delaying the man from ejaculating. The more the ejaculation is delayed and the more erect the penis, then the more powerful the ejaculation will be.

So for all you partners out there, if you want to give him the best time of his life, you might want to try dick milking him.

The importance of cock milking

Cock milking is a way of trying to suck or drain cum from a man’s penis. There are various techniques used to achieve this feat, and these techniques vary depending on what one or both of the couples are comfortable with. But the desired end result is a very powerful and deeply gratifying ejaculation for the man. This is the equivalent of multiple orgasms for the female. Therefore, the importance of cock milking cannot be overstated.

The first importance of cock milking is that it is deeply satisfying. There is hardly anyone who wants to have sex and does not want to be satisfied. And when this satisfaction comes in the form of multiple orgasms or cock milking, it is the epitome of satisfaction, and not only satisfies, but also helps to create a bond between couples.

It is widely acknowledged that men do not go backward sexually. If a man gets good dick milking, he will love it for the rest of his life, and it will create a great bond between him and the partner who gives him a good penis milking. Therefore, for ladies who want to build this bond with their men, it is not just enough for him to cum. He should have the best one, and one of the ways to give him the best is to milk him.

The other importance of dick milking is that it is naughty and adventurous. This is important in any relationship, and naughtiness is encouraged. Not many couples engage in penis milking, and for those who do, it is one of the best adventures to be involved in. Some engage in hand jobs, but they should not confuse the two. A handjob is primarily with hands and does not involve suction of all the cum in the penis. Dick milking on the other hand involves the use of the mouth, boobs and hands to get the man to ejaculate the maximum amount of cum he can.

Giving a blowjob to continue the cock milking experience

Another benefit is that penis milking can help men enlarge their penis size as well. This is an ancient Arabic technique known as jelqing. Apart from satisfying the man, it will help him have a larger penis, and this is the desire of all men. And women too. A bigger penis has its own advantages in that it helps the man satisfy the women better and with ease and for the man, it helps him be sure of himself and builds his confidence.

Sex is an important ingredient to the success of any relationship. It is not the only one, but it most certainly is one of the most important. Couples who try to keep things fresh in the bedroom and enjoy having sex together are usually happier and in stable relationships than those who do not. In addition, their chances of cheating are lessened because they are satisfied sexually. Though not the only one, milking is one of the things couples can do to enrich their sex lives.

How and why do you do cock milking

Cock milking is a technique that has been around for generations but unfortunately many men have never experienced the pleasure of a cock milking in their life before! The sad truth is that many men will never experience the amazing and intense pleasure that a cock milking can deliver. But for those men (and women) who are reading this to try to spice up their sex life, the good news is that it is never too late to learn how to give or to receive a proper penis milking. You may be wondering what a dick milking does for you, how do you learn the proper way to give a cock milking and why cock milking is an important element to add to your sex life and your relationship, so let me cover these points.

What a proper cock milking will do for any man is give him the most powerful and intense orgasm of his life. How this works is why getting a cock milking the male’s cock is constantly being stimulated bringing it to a heightened state. The trick to getting a good penis milking is to stop the stimulation of the cock right before the male is about to orgasm, wait, and then continue again once the urge to orgasm has passed. This process of orgasm denial continues for around an hour and then finally the male is allowed to orgasm. Because of his heightened state his orgasm will be much stronger, powerful and intense than any other orgasm he has ever had. This process is called dick milking because the goal is to drain the dick of all of its cum!

Achieving the cock milking goal: draining the balls of all their cum.

Learning the proper way to give a penis milking is vital to achieve the most intense orgasm possible. The first thing to remember is that penis milking is more than just a handjob. A proper penis milking will take time (up to an hour) and involves slowing down or stopping before your partner orgasms. The purpose of cock milking is to delay the orgasm as long as possible to achieve the maximum orgasm. The other important thing to remember with penis milking is that the goal is to have an intense orgasm. If you google cock milking for more information make sure that you are reading about cock milking to achieve heightened orgasms not cock milking to deny orgasms! These are two different methods and the denial method will NOT be pleasurable for your partner!

Dick milking is an important element to bring into your relationship for many reasons but the most important is to spice up your sex life! Cock milking also allows the female to take a dominate lead in the bedroom while the male lays submissive on the bed with his entire orgasm and happiness in his partners hands! Another reason that cock milking is important is because it gives the male one of the most intense and pleasurable orgasms of his life. Who can argue with that result? What are you waiting for? Start your cock milking adventure tonight!

Cock milking is a great way to spice up a couples sex life

No matter who you are, where you’re from or how sexually experienced you are, chances are that you’ve probably never heard of cock milking. This is a shame, because cock milking is an extremely pleasurable experience for a man, as well as a way for a woman to show off how much she cares for her partner by giving him extra special stimulation. The technique is relatively new, though versions of it and related practices have been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The essence of cock milking is for a male to allows a female to control his pleasure and orgasm, not for the purpose of teasing or submission, but to bring him very close to orgasm without going over, and to repeat this process as many times as possible. This is done because, biologically, the more a man comes close to orgasm and then pulls back, the stronger the eventual orgasm will be, and the more semen will be produced.

Cock milking (also called penis milking or dick milking) is closely related to the phenomenon and practice of brinksmanship. Brinksmanship is specifically a masturbation technique intended to practice the art of going as close as possible to orgasm without actually going “over the edge”, so to speak. But whereas brinksmanship is an exercise intended to make a man last longer in bed in order to pleasure his female companion better, cock milking is something that a loving woman does to her man, in order to give him the strongest possible orgasm.

Some people, upon hearing about it for the first time, tend to view cock milking as a fetish, but it is really not any more of a fetish than a particular sex position is a fetish. Cock milking is simply a technique for maximizing male pleasure, not necessarily a fetish. However, it can be a fetish, and goes well with any fetish lifestyle, up to and including D/s (Domination/submission). As with anything sexual, it can be used in any way that the participants want it to be used.

Cock milking can be done in several different ways. It can start with any sexual act, whether it’s a blowjob, a handjob, or full on vaginal or anal sex.

Having vaginal sex to add to the cock milking experience.

The key is that, once the male is sufficiently aroused, sex returns to a handjob and blowjob only state, so that the female has more control over her man’s degree of arousal. Then, there has to be both strong communication on the part of the male, and a strong understanding of her partner’s body signals on the part of the female in order to make cock milking work. Knowing when to stop and slowdown is the key. Cock milking is not something that can be done easily during a first sexual encounter between two people, nor should it. It is a deeply erotic experience intended to produce as much semen and as powerful an orgasm as possible.

Ultimately, trying cock milking could be the bedroom spice up that your relationship really needs, as it’s an erotic and sensual way to connect both partners.

Orgasmic Pleasure for Men–Cock Milking  

You see it spread across every issue of women’s fashion magazines: 69 ways to drive him crazy, 101 ways to get a better orgasm. No matter what the tag line the point is always the same; sex should feel good for BOTH partners, not just one. So why do they never talk about cock milking? Is it too lewd for magazine coverage? Or do they simply not understand the potential for pleasure brought on by a prolonged male orgasm? More than likely it is the former rather than the later, but both play a key role in understanding exactly how orgasmic the act of cock milking can be. Sex is not just for one partner and to ignore a key sexual move that could increase the pleasure of both is simply criminal!  

For those unfamiliar with the term, and rest assured there are many who aren’t, cock milking is a process by which semen is extracted from the penis before, during, or after ejaculation. Many men either cum too quickly or can only cum once, and some can’t even cum at all. That’s where dick milking comes in handy. By applying pressure at the base of the scrotum and moving slowly forward towards the head of the penis you are able to extract maximum amounts of semen and prolong male orgasm for hours. By doing that you are not only increasing the pleasure for your man, but increasing your pleasure as well. Female partners will find their lovers lasting longer and feeling better, thus wanting to make them feel better in return. Male partners will enjoy having prolonged orgasms together, and will probably cock milk one another often.  

The best part about cock milking is that you do not have to simply use your hands. You can easily incorporate other body parts, from breasts to feet and just about everything in between. (And of course, mouths are never objected upon).

Going back to a blowjob to keep the cock milking experience going.

The tool used is up to the lovers, and only enhances the sexual pleasure that cock milking already provides. The first time a partner is able to give their favorite penis the most orgasmic experience they have ever had is likely to change both partners lives. Most men do not get to experience the full frontal power that is penis milking and the first time they are able to achieve climax through the process is definitely life changing.  

If you’re worried about doing it right, don’t. It’s different than normal male ejaculation, but it isn’t impossible. You may not get it right the first time or two, but the second you do you will know it by the look on your partners face, (or maybe the way he shudders under your fingers).

Finishing the cock milking experience and watching the satisfied look on his face.

Keep at it and do research, because cock milking will double their and your pleasure, guaranteed. And once you see how much fun they are having you will want to milk that cock over and over again, just to get those sexy reactions!

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