Striptease has been around for a very long time and its concept isn’t anything that’s unique to humans. The idea of dancing to seduce a partner is something that happens all across the animal kingdom. Lots of birds strut around to get some sexual attention and fish swim in distinct patterns to achieve some scale on scale action. The only thing that humans have added to this scenario is the act of slowly removing their clothing while they work their things. That’s why it’s going to be so much fun to take an in-depth look at the art of striptease.

The History of Striptease

The history of striptease is something that goes back a very long time into our collective past. It goes back so far, in fact, that no one actually knows when it started. It’s even possible that it all started when we were still living in caves and hunting mastodons for food to allow us to survive just one more miserable day in the Mesolithic Epoch. It makes sense if you think about it. Human beings had a lot going on, but they still needed to breed to survive. Knowing when the tribal bicycle was in the mood by seeing her invent the twerk let them know when it was time to put a tiny hunter/gatherer in her.

Dancing comes naturally to humans and using it to get attention during your fun time, is a natural way of using it. Just imagine Cavegirl Karen realizing her Grog Tunnel was leaking and in the mood for a visit. She gets up near the fire, which just happened to be invented, and starts slipping off her filthy animal skins and showing off every last inch of her hairy, dirt covered body. If that doesn’t get you going, then nothing will!

The Recorded History of Striptease

So that’s a hard, historical fact that we just gave you up there as far as we envision it to be. When it comes to the actual recorded history of striptease, things get a little more difficult to pin down. The one hard fact we have is that the word “striptease” was first recorded in 1932. That doesn’t mean that it was invented at that time, though. In fact, one big possibility is that it got its start back in ancient Babylonia.

If you’re not up on your Babylonian studies, don’t worry about it. All you really need to know is that it started between 3,500 and 3,000 B.C. and that they had a goddess named Inanna. Inanna was responsible for the seasons and things would be great in the spring and summer when she was on Earth. During the winter, everything was cold and dead because she was descending into the underworld. That’s where the striptease comes in. Inanna would have to take off an article of clothing or piece of jewelry at the entrance to each new section of it.

This story would go on to be told in the Dance of the Seven Veils by a woman named Salome, a few thousand years later. If you’re up on your bible studies, you’ll know that name as the sexy teen who danced to seduce King Herod into beheading John the Baptist. So, there you go. The art of striptease is so old that it’s actually in the bible. It’s also potent enough to get a guy, who just happened to be the prequel to Jesus, killed with his head served on a platter, just so you know.

Strippers and the A.D.s

Moving ahead to about 500-some-odd A.D., you get the Byzantine emperor Justinian. Justinian was a bit of a freak, and it was rumored that his wife, empress Theodora, was a former stripper. Well, they weren’t called strippers back then, but she took off her clothes for money. She would dance in acts that were inspired by mythological themes and get nekkid “as far as the laws of the day allowed.” That would be like a modern-day president having a first lady in a porn magazine! Can you imagine how crazy that would be!?

Anyway, jump forward a thousand-ish years and you get to 1677 in Restoration England. That’s when you can grab your cloak and head down to the theater to see a comedy play named The Rover. This play was written by Aphra Behn and features a male striptease for a few laughs. He does it to get his prostitute horny before he slides into bed with her. Unfortunately for him, she robs him, and he ends up in a sewer. The point is that stripteasing was so popular that it was regularly written about and showing up in different performances.

Modern Striptease

The modern striptease, especially in the United States, can be traced back to burlesque. The first of these stripteases happened by accident in 1928. A burlesque dancer named Hinda Wassau, who has a wardrobe malfunction. She was carrying out a move called the “shimmy” when her loose clothing came off, suddenly making her boobs more popular than they’d ever been before. What followed that were a few decades of nude dancing becoming illegal then legal again. It’s also when the mechanics of a striptease came into being.

Stripclub Stripping

The stripclub striptease that you get in the modern day is going to follow the same general formula. The stripper starts off in lingerie or clothes, dancing onstage. She then gets her top naked, showing her boobs. After that comes her bottom section, showing off that sweet cooch. Then she wraps it all up with a full dance in the nude and the dollar bills go flying onto the stage.

If you’ve never been to a stripclub then you should really go. They’re a lot of fun and you get to sit around the stage and really get an eyeful of what’s going on in the dancer’s crotch. You also get to sit there during the awkward transition phase. That’s when the music ends and the naked girl has to go around the stage, collecting her money and clothes. Then she walks off behind the curtain and you just wait for the next dance to start.

You also get strippers walking around the club, offering lap dances. That’s an art all to itself, so we’ll just say that it’s a personal striptease with the girl’s ass all over you and it’s a good time. That’s pretty much the whole experience and it’s shocking how quickly it can drain your bank account.

Personal Striptease

So, all of that is well and good for shows and kings, but what about a personal striptease? Those can be even more fun and they’re the most closely related to the original caveman dancing. When you give a personal striptease, you’re just dancing and getting naked for your partner. It’s an incredible form of foreplay that pretty much anyone can do, and it gets even better when you let your partner record it! Now you’re not just having foreplay today, you’re giving your partner something they can watch over and over again whenever they want to share intimacy with you.

Self-Shot Striptease

You don’t have to be in the room with someone to give them a striptease, though. If you have a phone, you can record yourself giving a striptease and send it to anyone you want. Just imagine having a deeply sexual and stimulating video of yourself that you can send to any person you want at any time of the day or night. It will entrance them and make them willing and eager to do anything you want, and you can strip down as far as you want, without someone else asking you for more.

Camgirl Striptease

Then we get back into the moneymaking forms of striptease. Stripclubs are fun but they’re also physical spaces with lots of strangers in them. If you want to get the stripclub feel without actually going to one, then all you need I a sex cam site. These sites are open to anyone of legal age who wants to make some money with their body. You can log into one of these sites and find the perfect cam girl to give you any kind of striptease that you want to see.

Stripping Platforms

If you’ve ever downloaded an app in your life, then you likely thought of a whole bunch of ways that you could use them to get off. Well, those apps have you covered! Destinations like TikTok and Reddit are filled with people stripping just to get likes and attention. Then there are adult platforms like OnlyFans where people can get subscribers who pay them a monthly fee just to watch them do things in the nude. Stripping has been a major part of the human species since it was invented by aliens and there are no ends to the different ways that you can use it to have a good time!

Strip with Us!

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