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I’ve shared a lot of information with the community here, but I’ve never gotten into what I do for a living. I’m a college professor and I spend a lot of time with my students. All of them are wonderful with a thirst to learn, grow and explore, and I find it inspiring spending time with them all in the classroom. Sometimes it just so happens that I have a deeper connection with one of them and it blossoms into a personal relationship. I’ll save the ethics questions for another time, but all my students are of legal age, and I trust them to make their own decisions.

There just happens to be one student that I’ve very recently started engaging with in one of those personal relationships. My wife knows about it and she’s happy that I have someone that I enjoy spending my time with. Her name is Betty and she’s comfortable with me sharing the story of our last encounter. It was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it almost as much as I did.

Misbehaving in Class

It all started the other day when I caught her with a cigarette in my class. She knows I have strong feelings about smoking, and I have very strict rules when students are in my classroom. I was taken back a bit when she decided to break that rule. I asked her to stay after all the other students left and we talked about it, after which she apologized. It just so happened that my wife showed up and we all discussed what had happened. It was a really good conversation and ended with a bit of flirting. My wife jokingly suggested that maybe Betty should be punished for her actions, and we all know I would jump at any chance to spank her firm young ass. You could tell Betty was getting a little intrigued and aroused at the idea and agreed she was a bad girl and needed to be punished for breaking my rules with her cigarette in class.

My Wife Took Pictures

Since she was there and she had so much fun last time, I asked my wife to take pictures of me punishing my student. She took her camera right out and started taking pictures of it. Betty looked so cute and vulnerable as she bent over the desk, ready to get her beautiful butt spanked.  My mind flashed back to the first time I saw her sitting at her desk and how difficult I found it to concentrate while I was trying to teach her and the rest of the students and now, here I was with her letting me do one of my favorite things to her.

I administered a few spankings which got her ass red almost immediately. She didn’t even flinch at first, which led me to believe this wasn’t her first spanking. So, I started to use a little more force with each spank, and it was extremely exciting, and becoming very difficult to keep my mind focused on the task at hand once I saw her skirt ride up and reveal her panties to me and my wife. I think my wife liked it as well because she made sure to take plenty of pictures as I worked on spanking her teenage ass with my hand. I could tell it hurt her but she was a good girl and stayed very still for me.

Too Much Fabric

It was actually my wife who pointed this out, which somewhat surprised me. She suggested that Betty’s skirt and panties were creating a thick barrier of fabric that was dulling the punishment as I administered it to her. I couldn’t have agreed more and asked her to remove her skirt for me. You could tell she was completely caught up with the whole thing and did as she was told. Of course, I made sure to show off her gorgeous body to my wife, who kept her eyes locked on Betty the entire time and I can only imagine what was going through her mind.

I wanted to give her more of a show, so I leaned Betty up against the blackboard and ordered her to spread her legs for me and she continued to play her role. That gave me a perfect angle to really let my open hand connect with her body. Her new position actually allowed to me feel inside her ass cheeks and that’s when I truly started to get aroused. I love a woman’s ass and there’s nothing better than penetrating one from behind. Having that perfect view always makes me happy and it also let me feel just how wet Betty’s panties were getting in between her beautiful thighs.

Stepping Up the Whole Thing

A punishment like this is always about making the woman feel helpless as you teach her the lesson. It’s a mental aspect that you can never forget about if you find yourself on the administration end of one. At this point I was really getting into the role as disciplinarian, and that’s why I told Betty to remove her bra and put her hands on her head. That position left her entire body open to me and it’s the best way to make someone feel like they’re completely at your mercy. It seemed to have an effect on my wife as well because I saw her face flush red when she saw her like that.

I could feel Betty’s heart racing in her chest when I put my hands on her and she played her part perfectly. I knew what I was doing to her, and I also knew that she was enjoying it. When I bent her over for the second time, there was a very noticeable wet spot in her panties. I pushed the issue further by pressing my fingers against it at every strike and massaging it for her. That’s when she began to moan and lean into my hand and I knew that she would do anything I told her to do after that.

Everything Was Getting Intense

Things were getting pretty hot for all of us, and I knew this whole game had to go to the next level. That’s why I ordered Betty to remove her panties in front of me and my wife. I felt she was ready to do anything I wanted and that she was completely turned on from having to be the only person in the room that was completely naked and bending over to show her lovely pussy and delicious asshole.

She had never met my wife in her life and now she was naked, aroused, and in pain in front of her. That would go a very long way toward making her remember this sexual encounter. It also helped that she was still in her classroom. Now every time she gets to class, she would have to remember the vulnerability and pain she felt on my desk. That’s the power of punishment when a woman lets you dominate her so completely and Betty was perfect as she played her role.

Back over the Table

I bent her back over the table and again went to work spanking her from behind. She was deeply aroused at this point and moaning and writhing with every strike. That’s when I chose to confuse the sensations even more. Every single time my hand connected with her now reddened ass, I would take the time to rub my fingers against her pussy a little more. I press them against her labia and let the pleasure rush through her body. Then I followed it up with more spanking. I knew I wanted to keep her on edge, so I never allowed her the pleasure of clitoral stimulation.

After a few more spanks I pressed my hand into her pussy. It was truly soaking wet now and I could tell that it wouldn’t take much at all to force her young body into a tremendous orgasm that left her shaking and screaming for a very long time. That was when I decided it was time to administer the final act of her punishment and make her body reel through an orgasm while my wife, a total stranger to her, watched and enjoyed the helpless contractions of her body.

Onto her Back

I got Betty onto her back and told her to hold her knees with her arms. She did exactly as she was told and I continued to spank her and make her ass explode into a deep shade of red. I really laid into her at this point because I knew that it was the finale to her punishment. I must hand it to Betty, she sure could take those spankings. I imagined she was on the verge of crying both from the spanking and the shear pleasure of her ordeal. But like a true trooper she never did.

That was when I went to work on her engorged clitoris. I let my hand strike her then slide all the way up and down her leaking pussy. There was so much of her juice coming out that it flooded down into her anus. This time, I let myself make it all the way to her clit and I allowed her the pleasure of feeling me massage it and apply direct pressure. She immediately lost all control of her body, and I had a raging hard on that I thought might blow at any moment.

At Least One of Us Orgasmed

She quivered and shook on the table, and I could see the intensity of her orgasm all over her face. She had just experienced her first body shaking orgasm from being a submissive and she absolutely loved it. Her entire body was flush and the table shook underneath her. I kept the pleasure on her clitoris as I guided her all the way through the orgasm and out the other side. She simply laid there for a little while, her body jerking with the aftershocks of her sexual awakening beneath me. I could also tell that my wife enjoyed watching the whole thing too.

She immediately put down the camera as soon as the teen girl completed her journey through her orgasm. I wasn’t sure what was going on, but it didn’t take me long to figure it all out. The site of young Betty being forced into a tremendous orgasm by her husband was too much for her to handle. She walked right over to me and grabbed my erect and throbbing cock over my pants.

My Release

Before I could react, my wife had my cock out of my pants and she was down on her knees, taking it into her warm and sexy mouth. She looked up into my eyes as she worked my cock and Betty watched the whole thing. She was still exhausted from her pleasure, but she managed to slip her hand between her thighs and very gently masturbate while my wife made love to me with her lips and tongue. I have to admit that, just like Betty, I ejaculated almost instantly, allowing my seed to flow into my wife in front of her.

Pleasure and shame are often intertwined with the deeply submissive among up. It turns out betty learned a little more about herself, and me and my wife got the opportunity to guide her through the experience. I have to say, having my wife participate was as usual very gratifying and we have had sex several times since, looking through the pictures and reliving the moment.


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