cuckoldress having sex with three guys

There are a lot of people out there that don’t have the slightest idea of what the strange, funny sounding word “cuckold” means. But then again, if you’re here reading this then you should at least be familiar with it in some way. But if you’re still not quite sure, there is a very simple explanation. The husband (referred to as the cuckold) watches his wife derive sexual pleasure from other men, in this case, big, muscular black guys with huge dicks. Known as the cuckoldress, she seeks to humiliate the cuckold as much as possible; a key element in the parameters of the fetish.
And in this case, he must have done something to truly get her pissed off, because she takes on three dudes at once, with cocks that are at least twice as massive as his own! Imagine watching your wife suck and fuck a few guys who are incomprehensibly better at pleasing a woman than you could ever be. That’s exactly what happens to this poor cuckold.
He watches with a look of tolerance on his face, yet the inner-most state of mind is most likely that of complete turmoil as he witnesses three humongous meat cleavers thrust their way deeper and deeper into his wife’s fuck holes. Every orifice is plugged up with a hard, vascular dick that is getting ready to ejaculate all over her pretty white face, lower back, and abdomen. Although this seemingly abhorrent act is consensual, its purpose is simply to humiliate the cuckold (or cuckolds) as much as possible, via hardcore multi-partner sex! She screams with pleasure as one guy penetrates her through her tight, moist, velvety beef curtains, one through her clean, inviting, lubricated poop hole, and last but not least, one forcefully gags her as he rams his cock down her slobbery throat. As if that isn’t humiliating enough, it is often required that the cuckold fixes them a meal when they’re done fucking his wife! After of course, he licks up the cum out of his wife’s holes.
Cuckolding has been around for quite some time, but only in relatively recent human history has it been adapted into a fetish activity. Below are a few short stories of guys who have been cuckolded. Hopefully they give some ideas if you decide you and your partner would like to further explore this unique world. Hey, perhaps you could even produce your own cuckolding video with which to share with the world! But remember, this is about humiliation; are you sure you can handle it?

Hot Cuckold Video of Wife Fucking the Neighbor

I knew my wife had been fucking the neighbor for months – they didn’t even bother to hide it anymore.  When he knocked on the door to borrow something again, I didn’t even bother asking what he wanted and called my wife to the door.  I didn’t think they’d actually be so shameless as to start fucking right in front of me, but I was mistaken.  I watched in shameful embarrassment as he whipped out his much bigger dick and my wife wrapped her lips around it, gobbling him deep into her throat like I wasn’t even there.  Being the greedy cuckoldress bitch that she is, she ordered me to rub her clit while our neighbor fucked her, since that’s about all I was good for.  After what seemed like hours and my wife had cum several times, he made me lick her pussy juice off his dick afterwards before he walked back home.

Cuckolding Humiliation in Pickup Fuckfest

My wife had been acting odd all evening, and I could feel something in the air at the local bar where we usually spent our Friday nights.  She kept staring at the new bartender, and doing schoolgirl shit like batting her eyelashes, giggling, and playing with her long hair.  When she did pay attention to me, it was only to call me a useless fuck  When the bartender had finished his shift, she had me drive the three of us back to our house, where she didn’t waste any time starting to fuck him right on our bed.  I couldn’t take my eyes off his huge dick pumping in and out of her swollen pussy lips while she moaned his name and shot me dirty looks.  My useless hard-on in my hand, I was forced to watch as he shot his load all over her tits and she made me lick it off.

My Wife Brings Home Men from Nightclub

I took my wife to the club, knowing full well her intention was to pick up several men to bring back home for a gang bang that excluded me.  It didn’t take her long to round up several grinning and snickering young studs all too willing to fuck my gorgeous wife while I, the cuckold, impotently watched in anguish.  Once home, I sat on the corner chair while these young fit guys took turns with my shameless cuckoldress, all of them moaning and cumming while I just sat there with my much smaller erection straining against my trousers.  It was almost too much with them all laughing and calling me a needle dick. I only got to join in and have a taste when they had me lick her pussy clean in between fucking partners.  Once they were finally spent, my wife had me fetch them all drinks and then drive them home.

Musclebound Cuckold Shaming

At the gym, my bitch wife was shamelessly ogling this guy with ripped, ebony muscles in the weights section.  I could practically see her pussy getting wet through her workout pants as she continued to eye him.  Pretty soon he came over, jingling a key to the private backroom.  Feeling like the ultimate fool, I just followed them in there and watched in disbelief as the two of them began devouring each other.  I couldn’t get over how much bigger his cock was than mine, and how loud she moaned as he pumped her soaking pussy with his huge rod. I was sickened and humiliated and yet my tiny dick was rock hard and glistening in pre-cum watching him bang my wife senseless.  I was too stunned to even object when he ordered me to massage his asshole (even that was muscular) while he plunged his cock deeper and deeper into my evil cuckoldress wife.

My Wife Gets Properly Fucked by Another Man

My raise was lousy again this year, and my wife had been bitching at me for weeks.  One night she saunters in, dressed to the nines with a well-dressed, obviously wealthy man she’d met at work.  Walking right past me sitting on the sofa, she dropped to her knees and began sucking him off, telling me what a useless shit I was every time she came up for air.  The man kept pumping his hips into her face, nearly making her gag on his huge cock while he ran his big hands through her silky hair and all I could do was watch and whimper in this cuckolding.  Then he had the nerve to order me to get him a pillow to put under her hips so that she’d be in a better position for her hungry pussy to take the full force of his cock in this humiliation session of me, the forever cuckold.

Cuckold Fool – The Gardener Got My Wife Dirty

Two days ago I brought my whore of a wife a gorgeous diamond necklace, and she threw it in my face because she’d wanted rubies.  So yesterday afternoon I came home with rubies for that ungrateful bitch, and I see her with her legs spread wide open getting her pussy eaten by our gardener.  His filthy hands were pinching her nipples, and she just looked at me, licked her glossy lips and smiled.  He didn’t even flinch when he noticed me, and then made my wife stand up and turn around so that he could slap her ass and shove her down on the bed on all fours to fuck her in the ass.  I’d never heard her scream like that before; she sure never came that hard with me.  When they were done, he made me strip naked and walk outside, where he cooled me off with the hose he used to water the azaleas. 

Hardcore Gangbang Distresses Cuckold Husband

I could never keep my wife satisfied, no matter how hard I tried.  At the local bar, she said she was finally going to get herself satisfied and bring home a few guys to fuck right in front of me.  I didn’t think she’d actually do it, but within 20 minutes, she’d rounded up four grinning young men and made me drive us all back to our house.  After ordering me to fetch them all some drinks, she didn’t waste any time stripping off everything but her boots and dropping to her knees to start sucking one of the guy’s huge cock. Before long the other three had their pants off and took turns fucking my cuckoldress and laughing at me, while all I could do was sit there and watch in humiliation.  Then she ordered me to film the cuckold video all so that she would have something to masturbate to later.

Forced to Watch Cuckoldress Get Pleasured by Swingers

My wife and I answered a swingers’ ad and met up with a good looking couple at their place.  Excited that I may finally be getting my dick wet for a change, imagine my horror when my wife, another man and his wife wouldn’t even let me join in the fun.  My cuckoldress wife said I didn’t deserve it, and why don’t I just watch and learn something for a change.  All I could do was watch from across the room and be the unwilling cameraman in this cuckold video while another man and woman pleasured my wife.  I couldn’t take my eyes off them all as he hammered his huge cock into my wife’s waiting pussy and his wife sucked my wife’s beautiful nipples. I tried to play with my own cock, but they’d all keep catching me at it and order me to stop while the three of them licked, sucked and fucked each other.

My Wife Banged the Bellboy

After shelling out $5K a night for a luxury hotel suite, I thought my wife would at least do me the favor of fucking me.  She fucked me, all right.  When the handsome young bellboy came in to drop off our luggage, she shut the door and began unbuttoning her new silk blouse while looking right at us both.  The guy couldn’t believe his luck, and pulled his already hard cock out of his trousers and bent her over the bed.  With her fine heart shaped ass in the air, he fucked her mercilessly and repeatedly called me a dumb ass pussy as he shoved his cock into her and she came hard.  They did permit me to jack off into a tissue, but the real kicker was that my cuckoldress wife ordered me to sponge off his cock when they were done and then tip him $250.

The Plumber Snaked My Wife’s Pussy

I couldn’t fix our bathroom faucet, and my wife ordered me to call someone who knew what he was doing.  The handsome plumber arrived, and my wife slinked into the bathroom and a few minutes later dressed in nothing but thong panties and heels. Her nipples got hard at the very sight of the young plumber’s muscles rippling under his shirt while he worked. Looking up at her, he quickly unzipped his pants to free his rock hard cock and take his rough hands to her perfectly plump ass while she bent over the vanity and moaned at his touch.  He ordered me on the floor between my cuckoldress’ legs to lick her pussy to get it good and wet for him, and then shoved me out of the way to give him room to pump her pussy good, hard and rough while all I could do was watch until he handed me the bill.

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