Hi everyone! AllAboutKinks.com really made me happy when they published my last story in January! It was amazing to see my experience written out on a real website and the messages I’ve been getting have been really fun! There’s nothing more fun that getting emails from people who want to show me their handiwork and I LOVE sharing my own with them!

There’s been a lot going on lately and I’ve recently invested in a much better camera. My wife and I have been experimenting a lot and we’ve never had a stronger relationship. We play with our friends together and I can tell that she really enjoys watching me work on the girls while she takes the pictures!

I’m really excited to let you know that we recently had an experieince that was totlly her idea! She has this friend who I find extremely attractive and I’ve never hid the fact that I have a huge crush on her. I’ve had it since I met her and my wife likes to tease me about it. I mean, just look at this girl!

She’s gorgeous and has an amazing body!!!

I’m certain that my friend has told her about my crush because she likes to tease me about it as well. She’s always wearing really skimpy clothes when she comes over and she does things to turn me on, like lying on the couch with her sexy feet up and her skirt climbing up her cute little ass!

She come over to visit the other day, and I have to admit that I was taking secret pictures of her the entire time. She just looked too good and she was even more revealing than she normally is. I pretended that I was playing around with the new camera, but I was really taking close ups of her to look at later. Here’s one of my favorites where you can see her hard nipples through her shirt while she watches TV.

My plan was really just to get as many secret pictures of her as I could and spend my night jerking off to her tight, little body as soon as she left. If I got really lucky, I figured I could look at them in the bathroom then make love to my wife while I thought about them. That’s not even close to what happened, though! Here’s another one!

I should mention here that you’re not seeing things. This girl is married and we’re really close friends with her husband, as well. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with jerking off to another man’s wife, even if everyone’s aware of it. I also have to say that they have a similar arrangement to what my wife and I have. She’s a kinky girl and he’s very vanilla. He allows her to play around with other people, just like my wife lets me do with other women. I’ve always been able to tell that she’s extremely submissive and that turns me on more than I can even explain.

So, I had just taken this picture when my wife caught onto what I was doing.

Like I said before, my wife is a very understanding woman and she wasn’t upset about it at all. She just thought it was kind of funny. She even asked me if I was planning on jerking off to them before bed! She asked me right in front of our friend and I had to admit that I was. I made certain to not tell her I was also planning on thinking about our friend while I made love to my wife that night, though!

That’s when things really took a turn for the night. Our friend immediately perked right up when I admitted that I was taking pics of her to jerk off to. She just smiled and said that she felt flattered over it! She even told me that she was trying to get me turned on every time she came over the house and liked to think about me masturbating to her on some nights when she plays with herself!

I was really shocked by what she said but my wife just thought it was really funny. I started getting the idea that they’ve talked about this stuff before and I became certain when my wife told her how naughty she was being and that she needed a spanking!

It was pretty obvious that this whole thing was a set up and that the two of them had it all planned out. It was a gift from my wife to me and she was going to watch me spank my crush right in the living room!

I honestly couldn’t let this pass me by, so I got right up and tested the waters by telling our friend that she was in trouble!

She played right into it and my wife immediately took the camera and started documenting it. You can see how she’s really just toying with me and knows exactly what she’s doing!

I was happy to do the same and took charge of her.

I bent her right over and started spanking her over her short skirt. The first time my hand hit her perfect ass, I almost came right in my pants and I’m not exaggerating. I could feel the precum practically flowing from my cock at this point!

Her ass felt just as perfect as it looked and my wife was really enjoying her role as the photographer.

I was spanking her and sliding my hand right in between her ass cheeks just to feel more of her. Then I decided it was time to see how far things were going to go. I told her to take off her panties and she did exactly as ordered.

It was clear that she was fully in her subspace and I was in charge of the entire situation. My wife quietly took pictures and just let me enjoy her friend’s body.

I’m going to be completely honest here and tell you that last picture was taken right before my fully erect cock pressed into her thigh. It was just an accident, but that little bit of contact almost made me cum. I was so turned on that I could feel it rush into my shaft to give me what amounted to a ruined orgasm, but that was okay. It was much better than shooting a load into my pants and losing interest in the whole thing. I just needed a short rest and I got it by ordering her to take off her skimpy shirt.

Just look at those gorgeous, little tits! I love them!

My blood was rushing and my heart was pounding at this point and I decided it was time to make her take off her skirt and show me my handiwork. What do you think?

My wife gasped when she saw her ass and I think that was when she realized that I was being VERY serious with what I was doing!

I wasn’t going to miss my chance to see her completely naked and I think my wife wanted to see it, too. I could tell by the way she was breathing and holding herself that she was almost as turned on as I was to see her friend get a spanking.

She kept telling her friend how red and beautiful her ass looked!

I knew what my wife wanted to see, so I spread her legs apart to give her a good shot. I’m pretty sure that my wife is using this picture for the same exact thing that I was going to use the pictures for and I love her for that! She would probably never admit to being attracted to another woman, but sometimes you can just tell!

It was actually my wife’s idea that her friend get on her knees to really let me work her ass. I have to say that I was so wrapped up in the whole thing that it never occurred to me. She looks so beautiful down there and my wife was starting to breathe really hard.

I was really shocked when she did something that I never thought she would do in her life. She very calmly and sweetly told her friend that she had a beautiful pussy! Her friend blushed right away and couldn’t hide how much she loved hearing it!

Then it was time for me to take the girl over my knee. I made the assumption that it was her real desire to be on a man’s knee and I was correct. You can see the look of serenity on her face while she takes the pain of my hand striking her ass.

I couldn’t help but spread her ass cheeks apart and get a good, long look at her pussy and asshole. I had to fight the urge to eat both of her holes while my wife took the picture. I think she may have been fighting the same urge!

Aren’t they just perfect? Wouldn’t you love to taste them? The battery started to die on the camera, so my wife didn’t capture the moment when I spread her perfect pussy lips apart and her juices we so flooded that they ran down my fingers! My wife couldn’t stop telling her how beautiful it was!

I treated her to a good, long spanking session after that and my wife sat down and simply watched. I’m almost positive that I could have gotten them into a threesome that day, but I like to play the long game. I know that if we all had sex then that would have been it. There wouldn’t have been another night like that one.

This woman is a true submissive and she needed to be treated as such. That’s what would leave an impression on her. It would fuel her desire for more. She would think about this night over and over again every single time she touched herself in bed while her husband slept next to her. I knew what I had to do and I did it extremely well.

I got her ass nice and red again and asked my wife to take a final picture.

Then I turned her over so she was sitting on my lap with one of my arms under her knees and the other around her shoulders, like I was holding a child. I told her very sincerely that she was naughty for making me jerk off to her. I told her she was naughty for touching herself when she thought about turning me on with her body.

She looked into my eyes and nodded, clearly ashamed of her actions and desperate to make it right. That’s when I told her what her real punishment would be.

If she spent so much time violating herself while she thought about me then she should do it right in front of me and my wife, while I held her.

She didn’t even bother arguing the matter. She closed her eyes, slowly nodded, and whispered, “Yes, Daddy.” under her breath.

She spread her legs on top of me, ran her right hand down her stomach, and gently masturbated right on top of me. My wife was fixated on her the entire time. I watched her stare at her face, her hand, and at her pussy. I held her and watched my wife watching her.

I was silent while she manipulated her own vagina in front of her friends to make sure she felt the shame and embarrassment of it all. I could tell how much she liked it when I felt her red ass start to tremble against me. She brought herself to orgasm right on top of me and opened her eyes just in time for me to see the tears of shame over the pleasure she just gave herself start to form.

That was when I held her close, kissed her forehead, and told her how much of a good girl she really was. She trembled and shook through the aftershocks of her orgasm while my wife caressed her back and reassured her of how beautiful and good she was.

So that was my night! We all hung out for a while after that and had a good time. It was clear that we were a closer group than ever before and I could sense that our friend was going to cherish this memory. She also kept herself completely nude for the rest of the evening, making it clear that she was fully submitting to me and my wife.

She went home a few hours later and I’m very happy to report that I never ended up jerking off to the pictures that night. My wife was insatiable! She asked me to watch her masturbate, which I took as a way of marking her territory. Then she pleasured me with her hands, her mouth, and her delicious and sexy pussy. She may think that her friend has a beautiful pussy, and I fully agree. I just don’t think that it’s more beautiful than my wife’s. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world and, even though I can find other women attractive, I’ll never find them AS attractive as my gorgeous wife!


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