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There are more fetishes that most people can name but some of them are much more common than others. It can be fun to take a look at what most fetishists are into and compare them to your own list of things you love. Just keep in mind that no one is telling you that you should have these fetishes. No one is saying that you shouldn’t have them, either. They’re simply what most non-vanilla people are into and that’s about it. It’s a pure exercise in entertainment and meant to be a bit of fun. Here’s what we have:

Age Play

girl sucking a pacifier

Age play is an umbrella term for a kink that involves someone roleplaying at a younger age than they actually are. You can think a baby, a child, or a toddler. These relationships can range from platonic to more sexual and BDSM-oriented, as in a DD/LG dynamic. Like many kinks and fetishes, the exact definition of this term varies widely from person to person. What’s important to realize is that there’s nothing illegal about pretending. As long as you’re not being gross about it, it can be a lot of fun to get into.

Balloon Fetish

a bunch of balloons

Are you sexually aroused by the look, shape, or feel of balloons? That means that you may be a “looner.” Whether you get off on popping it, or not popping it, because those people exist and they’re called “non-poppers”), or rubbing it, or blowing it up, it’s a highly personal fetish. How you interact with the material is up to you. Certain people prefer certain materials and that’s just the way that it is. It’s possible to have one looner who’s not into the same kind of balloon as another looner. That can make this a very confusing fetish to have.


girl with her hands bound behind her

Bondage, by definition, means the act of tying up or restraining a sexual partner. Whether it entails rope, handcuffs, a spreader bar, or a blindfold, bondage combines psychological and physiological stimuli, making it appealing. One person has to have their movement restricted while the other person restricts it. There are no limits to the types of materials that are used for this. As long as you’re being held down by something then you’re practicing bondage. It also gets used improperly a lot. It’s best to know what you’re doing before you get into it.

Blood Play

a sewing needle

Blood play refers to the act of using blood during sex. A person may be sexually aroused by the scent, sight, taste, or feel of blood. It plays out in a myriad ways—from period sex to using medical instruments to draw blood. This type of play is incredibly risky, with the potential to result in serious injury or death. Even when it’s done in a focused way, as with needles rather than blades, it can introduce bacteria into the body. Clean practice must be learned for anyone who does this sort of play if you want to do it right and have a good time.

Breath Play

a guy wearing a gas mask wearing army fatigues

Erotic asphyxiation, known as “breath play”, is a dangerous sexual act that eroticizes limited oxygen. Many types of kink play can carry danger or the risk of harm, but breath play is among the most potentially dangerous, as is choking, which makes it especially dismaying to see it in porn and see that it is becoming normalized. People participating in breath play must have a solid understanding of the neck and anatomy. It’s really best to know what you’re getting into before you attempt it or you can cause some serious damage.


a cock ring

Cock and Ball Torture, also known as CBT, is a sexual activity in which the male genitals are subjected to pain. This can range from mild constriction to the misery of testicle crushing, which can occur via the squeeze of a hand, a swift kick, or a clamp to the scrotum. Wax play, penis flogging, penis trampling, testicle stretching, urethra play, and erotic electrostimulation also fall under this kink. You can find lots of videos about it and it usually places the female in a position of power over the male. As usual, you can cause a lot of damage, so be careful.


clothed female

The CFNM acronym stands for Clothed Female Naked Male, which basically sums up the straightforward nature of the fetish. In this dynamic, a clothed, dominant female typically objectifies and wields her sexual power over a naked man. It’s a lot of fun for plenty of guys because they’re not used to being seen as sexual objects. When you finally get that chance, it’s tough to let it go. That’s why you can see it practically everywhere and that’s perfectly fine. It’s also great for women because it puts them in charge and finally takes about the sexual objectification they deal with on a daily basis.


a cartoon with a female who has her backed turned to a guy.

This term is tied closely to BDSM since it overlaps with domination, submission, and humiliation. Basically, cuckolding is a kink or fetish where a guy gets hot, bothered, and humiliated by his spouse or partner having sex with someone else. It can happen in person or it can happen when the couple is apart. It triggers something in the male psyche that makes him want to fight for his mate. It also has a reverse fetish known as cuckqueaning, where the woman is being cheated on by her partner.


A guy with a leather collar and harness, with a girl holding a chain connected to the collar

D/s is one facet of the umbrella term BDSM, or Bondage and Disciple, Dominance and Submission, and Sadomasochism. D/s is generally about power dynamics, a situation where one person dominates or has power or control over another. The other person submits or gives over their rights and desires to another. But, how D/s is defined depends upon the people who practice it. You just have to keep in mind that submission is something that’s given and not something that’s taken. A person has to decide to submit to you or you’re just abusing them and you never want to do that.

Wax play

A lit candle.

Wax play is a kink in which hot wax, usually from a candle, is dripped or poured onto a partner. It falls under “temperature play” in the kink world. It is not something you want to happen without preparation and communication. Sure, it can be used in a BDSM context to create fear and sensation in an intimate setting. But lower-temperature liquids, like massage candles, can be used for straight-up sensual scenarios free of power dynamics. It’s a relatively safe kind of play when you consider the temperature of wax. You can feel it, but it’s not going to cause much damage.


A guy watching a woman sleeping with her breasts exposed.

Voyeurism is the act of deriving sexual pleasure through watching someone else, or multiple people, engage in sexual activities. The legality of the kink depends upon consent. From an ethical standpoint, voyeurism is only a kink if all parties consent. You can create scenarios that feel non-consensual if everyone is on board and agrees. However, shooting an upskirt video or recording someone without permission is a punishable crime. Just make sure the other person is into it before you try to engage in it and you’re going to be fine while you spy on them.


A drawing of Marquis de Sade's profile.

If the idea of inflicting pain on others excites you, you may be a sadist. From biting and bondage to hot wax and handcuffs, this type of play encompasses a variety of physical and psychological power exchanges. It was popularized by Marquis de Sade who was a French nobleman, revolutionary politician, philosopher and writer famous for his literary depictions of a libertine sexuality as well as numerous accusations of sex crimes. His works include novels, short stories, plays, dialogues, and political tracts. In his lifetime some of these were published under his own name while others, which Sade denied, having written, appeared anonymously.

Orgasm Control

Picture of a dildo and electrical controller.

Often described as “edging” or “peaking,” this kink involves putting the brakes on an orgasm right before the point of release. It takes some mental and physical practice to control your orgasms. But once you get the hang of it, the ebbs and flows of pleasure leading up to climax feel pretty damn good. A similar stop-start method, involving stimulating the penis until just before orgasm and then stopping until the urge to ejaculate goes away has been used for decades to treat premature ejaculation. Women are also able to enjoy orgasm control, so it’s not just for men.

Foot Fetish

Picture of a foot.

Pedophilia, the technical term for a foot fetish, is one of the world’s most common fetishes. One study found that fetishes related to human body parts were the most prevalent fetishes. Foot fetishes, or pedophilia, accounted for almost 50% of the preferences of this group. A quick Google search for “foot fetishes” returns more than 15 million results. Foot fetishes can be specific to size, shape, adornment, such as jewelry or nail polish, sensory features, and the type of interaction. For example, some fetishists are into footwear instead of the actual feet.


Naked woman sitting in water near the shore.

When a person experiences sexual excitement from the idea of being naked, engaged, and observed in a sexual activity, they’re into exhibitionism. This consensual kink should not be confused with mental health conditions that involve sexual arousal without consent. The whole thing revolves around getting caught or just being free to do what you want to do in public. It can also be practiced in secret with clothing and sex toys. Many people find stimulation in secretly wearing a butt plug out in public or wearing sexy clothing under their work clothes and there’s nothing wrong with that!


A guys back with electro patches on it.

Also known as erotic e-stim, this sexual practice involves using specially designed power sources to stimulate the nerves of the body, primarily the genitals, for sexual pleasure. You can think of EMS, TENS, violet wands, and made for play units. E-stim is often associated with BDSM play and should be explored cautiously, as it can be dangerous if not done correctly. It will also make your limbs and body parts do things against your will as they react to the electricity. That’s a whole bit of excitement on top of it and it’s something you can try with the right equipment.


Asian woman with hands tied behind her back.

Rope bondage, or shibari, is a Japanese form of sex play using rope restraint methods. Such play can be rough sexual or soft, and sensual and everything in between. It really depends on what dynamic the top and bottom desire. A “top” is the person tying and a “bottom” is the person being restrained. It’s also something that you can do on your own. Many people get into it because they love the way the ropes look on them. You can find many instructional videos on the internet so you never have to run out new things to explore.

Latex Fetish

Girl whose head and body are dressed in latex.

The attraction to latex and rubber can be fetishistic. Wearing garments made of these skin tight materials is closely linked with the S&M community. Some people also find sexual appeal in the actual material, whether they wear it or not. For others, the smell of rubber is enough to spark arousal. It doesn’t matter how you want to use the latex. Some people like it all over them while other just like a little bit of it. It’s easy to find because it’s so common, so you never have to go out of your way to engage in your latex fetish.


Girl whose head and hands are in a stockade and about to get whipped.

Masochism makes up the “M” in BDSM. This kink centers on pain and can range from light hair pulling to extreme cock and ball torture. It’s a fairly common kink. A 2017 survey found that 10% of respondents were somewhat or very interested in exploring pain in the bedroom. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying pain with your pleasure and it’s something that anyone can get into. Just make sure that you’re doing it safely and with people you trust. It puts you in a bad positon when you’re letting a stranger administer pain to your body.

Share with Us!

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Now that you know the most common kinks, why don’t you share your own experiences with us? Use pictures of yourself to make any kind of fetish images or videos you want and send them to! We’ll put them up and let everyone else see what crazy sexual situations you’ve gotten yourself into! It will be a lot of fun and you’re really just sharing images of yourself, so there’s no problem with it at all! Try it out and see what you can come up with! Let everyone else know what you enjoy from the list!

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