Inclusion VS Exclusion and the LGBTQ+ Community

pride flag

There’s a big misconception among the types of people who think Kid Rock was being brave by shooting cans of watery beer like a jackass. It’s the idea that the inclusion of the pride flag on state, federal, or municipal property also means that it should be okay to fly the flag of the Confederacy or the Nuclear Family Pride flag. It’s an idiotic idea sold to people who happen to have a real problem with abstract thought and base the majority of their personalities on “What Aboutism” and the fact that white Irish immigrants were once marginalized in the United States. Everyone knows someone like this and it’s never going to be possible to end an argument with them by changing their minds. They’re far too closed off to the world around them and brainwashed by blatant agendas. When you get right down to it, it’s impossible to reach them through the roar of their echo chambers. Of course, that also means that this diatribe is completely useless and nothing more than added noise to the other echo chamber. Still, here we go.

So brave!

Pride Flag

We’re going to focus on the LGBT, or the pride flag, for simplicity sake. There are lots of different variations and including them all would be so boring that everyone would be asleep by the end of the list. The first thing to understand is that the pride flag isn’t an incredibly recent creation. It was created all the way back in the year 1978, before even the snowflake millennials were born. Since the popular narrative would have you believe that the millennial generation invented whining, it never happened back then. It was a time of gas guzzling cars, lead in the air, and completely heterosexual men with big mustaches and absolutely no inclination toward passionate sex with another man, as long as you don’t count what happens on camping trips.

Anyway, the pride flag was created by Gilbert Baker for the San Francisco Freedom Day celebration. It’s meant to represent the diversity of gays and lesbian from all across the globe. It’s defined as a symbol of hope and liberation at a time when the LGBTQ community was actually marginalized at the time. It includes and represents people with no other representation and that’s the part that makes it a symbol of inclusion.

Nuclear Family Flag

couple with the nuclear family flag
So brave!

Now we have to talk about the nuclear family flag. This is a flag that depicts interlaced male and female icons in front of black and white stripes. It really doesn’t take a leap in logic to see the intention here. The black and white stripes are in clear opposition to the rainbow colors of the pride flag and it’s just tiresome. What really matters is the fact that there’s no foundation for this symbol to be based on and that’s what the people flying it can’t grasp. There’s no adversity focused against the “nuclear family” just because other ways of life exist. No one is going to go door to door trying to convince married heterosexual couples to give gay a shot. Straight couples weren’t refused service at bars throughout the history of the United States. That’s what makes it exclusive. It’s a flag for a majority of people that actively induce their own outrage at a minority that just happens to live in the area. There’s an easier way to understand that doesn’t come with all the nuance attached to these simple pieces of cloth. You just have to envision a world where right handers are incensed by the existence left handers.

Fighting over Hands

Al left hand and a right hand
This guy got paid by simply Googling “Hand Jobs”.

No matter how insignificant a difference happens to be, there are always going to be people who have a problem with it. That’s exactly the case with left handed people and right handed people. Right hand dominant people have been the majority of the population since being a human became a thing. It’s just a result of the way the brain works and it really doesn’t matter as much as some people would have made you believe. The most ridiculous part of it is that left hand dominant people have been marginalized throughout history.

Left handed people have historically been considered unlucky or even malicious for their difference by the right-handed majority. In many languages, including English, the word for the direction “right” also means “correct” or “proper”. Throughout history, being left-handed was considered negative, or evil; even into the 20th century, left-handed children were beaten by schoolteachers for writing with their left hand. In China, Japan, and the Koreas, left handed people are being forced to write with their right hands. They’re forced to bury their own natural desires to fit into a societal mold at the threat of pain or being ostracized, and that’s what makes a group marginalized.

Couple making their own flag
Disgusting Perverts!

Now it’s time to use your imagination. Believe in a world where these filthy left handed people decided they didn’t want to deal with it anymore. They get together in groups across the world and come up with a symbol that represents them and their desire to be accepted as they are. It’s called the left hand flag and it gets flown at left handed events and shared on social media. It’s a flag that represents them, but in a bid to be included in the world at large.

Now let’s look at the people who are inevitably going to have a problem with it. They’ve been right handed their entire lives and can’t stomach the idea of another person using the opposite hand. They think it’s unnatural and get physically ill when they think about their impressionable children laying their eyes on such a disgusting flag. Seeing the act of other people using their left hands in pride rallies might just warp their children’s minds and turn them into left handers. As such, they decide to create their own right hand pride flag and fly it in opposition to any left hand pride flag they come across. It kind of seems like that right hand pride flag is a little exclusive, doesn’t it?

Don’t let Them Fool You

A guy protesting
They tend to run in certain packs

So that’s a very basic rundown of the issue and why you shouldn’t let these people fool you. They’re not flying their straight pride flags because they feel excluded from the pride flag. They don’t have the right to fly it just because there was a pride flag in the same spot last month. The straight pride flag isn’t about pride. It’s about exclusion and anger at another group of people. Yes, the pride flag is mostly dedicated to the LGBTQ community and not the straight community. That doesn’t make it an exclusive symbol, though. It’s inclusive of a group that’s always been excluded by the majority. The straight pride flag is deliberately exclusive of a minority and that’s all it’s ever stood for. It’s a collection of entitled children crying: “But… but… what about ME?” Everything doesn’t have to be about those people. They have the rest of the world to themselves. They can give up a street to a parade for a day. They can give up a flagpole that celebrates a community that isn’t theirs for a month. What they can’t do is tear down pride flags and pretend that gayness is a virus they can catch by seeing it on the TV.

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